Show schedule

2017 show schedule
Phoenix, AZ Jan. 21-23 with CHA
Pleasanton, CA Mar. 3-4 with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Grapevine, TX   Mar. 31-Apr. 1 with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Anaheim, CA   Apr. 6,7,8 with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Orlando, FL   May 5-6  with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Novi, MI May 11, 12 & 13,  with Mega meet
Arlington, TX June 16-17 with Great American scrapbook
Chantilly, VA   June 23-24  with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Lancaster, PA July 7-8 with Creating keepsake convention
Duluth, GA   July 14–15  with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Kansas City, MO   July 21-22  with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Santa Clara, CA   July 28-29 with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Somerset, NJ   Aug. 11-12 with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Schaumburg, IL   Aug. 18-19 with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Houston, TX August 25-26 with Creating keepsake convention
Mesa, AZ   Sep. 15-16 with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Denver, CO   Sep. 29-30 with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Sacramento, CA   Oct. 20-21 with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo
Ontario, CA   Nov. 3-4  with Stamp&Scrapbook Expo